Check Your Ad

Use the Check Your Ad program to take the guesswork out of compliance checking your advertisements. This CD ROM requires Microsoft Excel™.

Check Your Ad will step you through the process of compliance checking your advertisements.

The program:

  • Checks Your Ad for compliance to the latest regulations
  • Deposit Ads
  • Closed End Lending Ads
  • Open End Lending Ads
  • Generates a report for each Advertisement
  • Report shows where your Advertisement is not in compliance
  • Use the report and the program as a tool to make your Advertisement(s) compliant to the regulations
  • Includes the regulations and “Staff Interpretations” in an easily searchable “Help” format for a more in-depth analysis of problem areas
  • Any of your staff members can run the program and be an expert on Advertisement Compliance

Written and produced by Chaotic Solutions.

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